Daily Fintech Conversations

How to generate great conversations here

Here are five ways for you to get more value out of this platform. You can also listen to this as a podcast here.

# 1. Enhance your profile by adding a photo. Right click on your avatar (select wheel preference); Find “About Me” section and add “Title, company; and hyperlinks to Linkedin, Twitter, website etc” or brief description.

# 2. Experiment with the art of good digital conversation. We are all learning as we go along. We all know that good conversations are key to a) learning b) making friends and influencing people. The art of doing that in the real world - face to face or by phone - is reasonably well understood but is more nascent in the digital realm. We have found 3 things that work well:

A. Nascent spaces. Ask questions where you really want the answer and a simple search is not enough (example Banking APIs).

B. Event driven topical controversies. (example Brexit-Betterment)

C. What Fintech services are you using? (example Yahoo Finance)

# 3. Amplify the conversations on social media. Just click on the Share button at the end of each post and choose your venue (for now you have to use copy/paste to share on LinkedIn)

# 4. Invite more people to join. If you have friends, partners, colleagues who you think will get value from this topic, send them an Invite. Just click on the Invite button at the end of each post and enter their email.

**# 5. Check your email spam folder. (some email spam filters are a bit overzealous until you train them). The email tells you about updates to conversations you are involved in. You can always change email frequency if you are getting too many. **

Finally, we are always ready to help. Just send an emai to info@dailyfintech.com

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