Hellas Direct is Making Waves in the Insurance Industry


Hellas Direct is a digital-first insurance company who are disrupting the industry and revolutionising their customers experience.

Since partnering with Revolut, a digital banking alternative, Hellas Direct have developed cutting edge technology which allows direct transactions between themselves and the consumer.

Founders of Hellas Direct, Alexis Pantazis and Emilios Markous have spearheaded the implementation of the innovative new technology and share their thoughts on the topic in KAE’s most recent edition of ‘The Vantage Series’.

Prioritising customer experience has been a huge driver in shaping the technology – 50% of claims are settled within an hour. It endorses transparency and simplicity by cutting out the middle man and facilitating a stress-free process in a traditionally opaque industry.

Consumer needs are often neglected by insurance companies so the ability to embrace financial technology and give control to users has been welcomed with open arms.

Currently the company operate in Greece and Cyrpus but with another round of investments, plans of expansion into a number of other countries are impending.

The full interview can be viewed here.