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Has the ICO window closed?

The IPO window closes often during market corrections. Sometimes it remains shut for years (e.g. after the Dot Com bubble). Is the ICO window closed?

The cybercurrency market has had a wild time. Traders are unsure if this is a correction and now we can buy the dips, or a bear trap or a bull trap that will lead to full blown bear market and crash. Things like fake news about Vitalik Buterin’s death show a level of mania and market manipulation at odds with the change the world ethos of many cyber fans.

Will a few really high quality ICOs get through? I think so, but sentiment has certainly been damaged by what became a frothy market with a lot of ventures raising money that stood little chance of success or were outright scammy. So the bar is now much higher and that is not a bad thing.

Update as of 21 July: looks like Segwit battle maybe over and prices recovering and, amazingly, some ICOs got through even during market meltdown. Wall Street iBankers would have declared the window closed, but they are no longer calling the shots.

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