Future of bankers in fintech

Anyone with economics or finance backgroung feeling left outside the current evalution of finance that everything is rapidly turning into software? Personally I am not a tech-savy person although I am interested in fintech and specifically blockchain. Considering the business cases a person like me can understand what the technology aims for. But it does not necessarily give you any importance, because you dont know how to build and command the software. So recently, I started thinking of developing some coding skills.

What would you think about it? Do you think people with economics and finance background need coding skills as well in order to get a position in this rapidly evolving finance industry? Otherwise how can such a person avoid being less relevant?

This link describes the way forward for becoming a blockchain developer. Do you think it is a good path to follow for beginners?


@Consultant Great question that many in banking are asking. When Lehman Bros collapsed in Sept 08 I was at a tech conference and the halls were full of what we called Lehman refugees changing their resumes to look more tech.

I think there is too much fetish around coding. Think of how to build something using free or dirt cheap tools platforms and Open APIs. Not much code is needed, but you need to get your hands dirty. Don’t rely on those MBA or middle management techniques, they have limited use when building something (not zero use, but not a lot).

And yes, pick a platform that has momentum. So, yes Ethereum scores on that front for sure.

@BernardLunn I have been thinking about getting hands dirty. This could at minimum help becoming a business analyst who translate the needs of business to developers in their language. Ethereum is good as a target. But I am not quite sure how to get there best. Start with Phyton or follow the path I shared yesterday or anything else? What is your personal experience?

@Consultant These things are very personal, so whatever I say may not fit. I would start from what is the USP of Ethereum which I believe to be Smart Contracts. Take that a stage further and it is Distributed Autonomous Corp. But it is really just contracts in code. From your biz experience you must have done a lot of contracts. Create something really simple based on some contract. Launch it on Ethereum. Note, Bitcoin has ways of doing Smart Contracts as well - see Mondays post on Daily Fintech. But design it well and 90% should be portable. Do that and you have a project to show. Put the code on Git Hub, get coding feedback there. Put the use case here and get biz level feedback here.