FintechFans to Revolutionize HR with blockchain-based tech

FintechFans Announce Their Plans to Launch a Tokensale for raising funds Groningen, NL – FintechFans, a leading platform for connecting Fintech companies with talented professionals, recently announced their plans to launch an Initial Coin Offering in the form of a Tokensale on January 3. The crowdsale will be held to raise funds for the development of the first Fintech decentralized marketplace, where companies can hire talents for long-term positions or professional freelancers for short-term positions. The tokensale is scheduled to be held from January 3. to January 31. The funding goal for the development of the platform is set to a minimum of 0.8 million Euros and a maximum of 10.95 million Euros. If the goal is not reached, the funds will be returned to the supporters.

The new FintechFans platform will use Smart Contracts based on the Ethereum Blockchain, allowing direct payments for performed services through the marketplace. The FintechCoin (FINC), a token created by the FintechFans, is going to be the main payment method on the platform.

FintechCoin is created as a utility to perform actions in the decentralized FintechFans application (dApp). Because of the decentralized nature of the platform, fees do not flow to a central party. But since fees are necessary to ensure high quality content on the platform, the designers chose to have the fees for usage of the platform burned (destroyed).

Because of the total amount of FINC tokens in existence, prices of services within the FF platform need to be adjusted. Tokenholders will have a vote in deciding what the costs of an advertisement are. This ensures that the platform will remain decentralized and self-sustainable.

‘More Than an Initial Coin Offering’ of ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ of ‘About

FintechFans’ founders have years of experience developing solutions in financial technology. In 2012, the company started investing in and building FinTech products. has been growing rapidly ever since.

Besides the Initial Coin Offering, the platform is also a Job Board where Fintech professional can get an overview of career opportunities. Fintechfans covers positions from internships to co-founding positions. The FintechFans Job Board is one of the most comprehensive staffing solutions for FinTechs around the world. So it’s indeed time for the next step:

“We believe that FinTech is one of the most innovative sectors that are active now. The timing for blockchain technology to become popular is therefore most opportune. I believe in Financial technology, because I’ve seen it evolve for more than 10 years. The ecosystem is now mature for funding and innovation. FintechFans is in my opinion the perfect facilitator for that,” said FintechFans CEO, Marcel van Oost.

Hi @rene welcome tp Fintech Genome. Using smart contacts as a multi-party payment system makes sense to me. What I struggle with here is seeing how your exchange gets liquidity/network effects compared to other existing job boards.

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