FinTech Made in Switzerland

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A few weeks ago I completed a series of over 40 video interviews and a documentary film about FinTech in Switzerland, FinTech Made in Switzerland. Participants are heads of digital banking from major banks like UBS, Credit Suisse, Cantonal Bancs, Raiffeisen, etc. and Swiss FinTech startups in roboadvisory, lending, cryptocurrencies, insurtech, etc. This is an independent project, and it gives a glimpse into how the traditional bankers’ nation is coming to terms with technological change and plans to catch up in FinTech in London, Berlin, New York, Singapore, etc. I just wanted to share the series for those with an interest in starting a venture in Switzerland or the FinTech landscape there in general.

English version of the film:


If you have any questions, feedback, comments about the film or FinTech in Switzerland just get in touch anytime. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi @Manuel welcome to Fintech Genome and thanks for sharing that movie. It was educational and entertaining.

I do think there is an entrepreneurial revolution in Switzerland right now that would have been laughed at a few years ago:

Being parochial, I wish your example of a cog railway had been this one - but only because I am a Murren fan.