Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I think the Fintech Genome is absolutely brilliant. But even in a brilliant service there are ‘quick win’ and ‘low hanging fruit’ type of improvement opportunities. It is a win-win to share these.
Let me start with my one: The REPLY button is placed as the last one in a row, way on the right hand side. It is much more ergonomic as the most important button to be placed to the left hand side and be made bigger than the other buttons. Or even to be placed over the other buttons. Every single time I want to reply to something I feel frustrated to search for the button. Yes, it has different color, but all good UX solutions would put it as the first one you stare at; not the last one.
Let me again point out that Fintech Genome is brilliant, all we can say - I think - are small, incremental, little ideas. But hopefully useful ones.
Thank you,

Thanks@david for your kind words. You are right, Reply is the most important action we want to encourage (and little nudges make all the difference). Lets see what we can do.

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I know its early days. I would say do not reinvent the wheel look to the best of breed and blend the functionality / design. Structural decisions by community / committee would be a mistake. ( and others

Dear @Jonathan (Peter), what do you mean by ‘structural decisions’? Thank you, David

Hi David, nothing deep design headings etc all the things that grow / evolve with an online community.