Fintech Courses & University courses to prep for Fintech jobs

Check out the 10 places to take Fintech courses; more than half are online.
10 Places To Study Fintech Courses Online

For younger gen or continuing education to acquire more basic Fintech related skills, check the types of courses you should consider

10 University Courses that will get you a Fintech Job.

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If you had a college age person to advise, would you suggest taking a Fintech course or getting a job with a great entrepreneur?
FinTech is Fin + Tech. Plenty of Fin courses and Tech courses. To combine them - come to FintechGenome engage in conversations with practitioners :sunglasses:

Interesting article by Anna Irrera from Reuters on Fintech courses

I have had rave reviews by people who have attended some of these MOOC courses.

The difficult thing is that Fintech is Fin + Tech. For example you might need to understand a Credit Default Swap (Fin) and Ethereum (Tech). Both a brain-hurtingly complex on their own. That is why I believe that it all about translation. You might need to explain how Ethereum works to somebody steeped in Credit Default Swaps or vice versa.

The greatest innovator in Edutech IMHO is Salman Khan (of Khan Academy and One World Schoolhouse fame) and the single conceptual innovation breakthrough is the flipped classroom. You absorb information in a mass way online and then seek custom answers from experienced individuals. In a business context like Fintech that also has to be just in time. Say you are Credit Default Swap expert who needs to learn about Ethereum or vice versa. You need that knowledge now, not at some future date as part of a course with lots of other knowledge.

It is hard for colleges because most of the knowledge is online and free. For example, you can get very good free videos explaining both Credit Default Swaps and Ethereum.

This is exactly what CFTE is aiming at (very early stage - not even MVP)

Hard to see as they seem to crowdsourcing ideas for the product at the moment.

One area where education is critical is Blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto. The complexity and rate of change is daunting. The best source (among many) IMO is Cryptoverse:

This feels like early days of Khan Academy, which was the Napster moment for Education. It is totally free on YouTube. The flipped classroom model will apply. Get up to speed on basics online, find a teacher to go over custom learning (probably via Skype or Hangouts or any video communication service).