Fast prototyping space (FPS) inside an insurance carrier

Hi all. One of major obstacles for carriers to develop new products are legacy systems, unefficiency and big lots required to justify the economics of new product launches. Often they may become obsolete or fail to the expectations but pile up in the legacy portfolio.

I want to explore whether there are solutions in a SaaS environment which allow a rapid protopyping of new products even if not fully linked to the carrier´s main systems. The intention is to co-create innovative solutions with key selected customers and develop a quick fully functional product/service in the FPS. Does anyone have views? Thanks.


Try pretotyping!

Thanks David. Very useful stuff. I believe you focus on the thinking/discovering process prior to built the technical infrastructure to product, which is right. What I am up to now is, assuming that I habe the clarity on the product/service, what is the right infrastructure outside the legacy systems to make a quick real launch. My point is whether I can create a sort of “operaitonal” sandbox inside the carrier. Thanks again

Hi @EnriqueT belated welcome to Fintech Genome. I will listen to @davids webinar. My personal experience is that the issues of an intrapreneurial venture - ie built within an incumbent are more cultural than technical, a subject I explore here:

Thanks @BernardLunn. I listened the webinar. My point is still that cultural barriers can better be overcome if a workable technical solution is provided, hence my question.

Makes sense @EnriqueT Love to hear more about what you discover about how to do this.