European Banking Authority FinTech Discussion Paper

A very remarkable paper with some problems and weaknesses, still nice work altogether. One of my problems is that it underestimates the number of FinTech companies.
What do you think?

Good find @DavidGyori The bit that jumped out at me, right at top was this:

"Over the years the financial landscape has started to look very different as a number of
waves of financial and technological innovation have eroded the boundaries between
financial products and services and those providing them or enabling their provision. For
example, the set of products that for a long time have been within the exclusive remit of
licensed credit institutions – payment services and loans – have been unbundled and in
some jurisdictions are now offered separately by a much wider array of firms. "

It is what we on Daily Fintech call “bits don’t stop at historical category boundaries”. You can see this in current confusion in America over who regulates Bitcoin.

Re your point, getting good data on no of Fintech ventures and rate of penetration is hard.