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Emerging FinTech charters around the world


There is a growing list of geographies that are creating FinTech charters. Thought it could be valuable for us to keep a record of these.

I’ll kick us off with some huge news coming out of the US. The OCC is creating limited purpose bank charters in a move to “expand financial inclusion and empower consumers”. This is incredibly promising. Let’s hope the FinTech community delivers!


Hi @EytanB great initiative, this seems like a really interesting nascent trend. I wrote up what Switzerland is doing as one part of this post:


Fantastic, @BernardLunn. Switzerland has definitely impressed much of the world with it’s progressive thinking on this issues.

I’ll call out the work that Hong Kong is doing. While very helpful to experimenting with new business models and technology, the sandbox regime it is setting up “will only apply to banks looking to use fintech, …, as opposed to start-up fintech firms, the HKMA said.”.

Hong Kong is the interesting case of a jurisdiction using a regulatory tool to keep it’s incumbents competitive vs cultivating a crop of challenger FinTech startups.


This one really caught my eye. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are competing to become FinTech hubs.

To earn a leading position, Abu Dhabi is creating its own FinTech sandbox

  • They’ve modelled it after Singapore and the UK
  • Requires physical presence in AD - which is a smart way to anchor a new generation of FinTechs there
  • Ensures FinTechs can launch under less onerous regulation
  • Has the potential to help AD leapfrog other jurisdictions in progressive regulation and market players (e.g., KYC currently requires face to face meetings, little to no credit scoring exists = lots of room for innovation)


I’ll start this thread up again…
Korea’s Financial Services Commission creating a “FinTech Open Platform” which incorporates 16 commercial banks and 25 securities companies… It includes:

  1. A website where FinTech firms can download program commands used for the development of Fintech services

  2. A physical space where they can run test operations of the programs they developed.


There seems to be political opposition already to the OCC’s intention to license Fintechs.
Two senators are questioning whether the OCC is eligible to license.


This makes a lot of sense. One element that has been cited as critical to the UK’s decisiveness around its innovative regulatory agenda was the consolidation of most regulatory oversight into the FCA over the preceding 20 years. Much of the US system is designed to have many voices at the table.