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Disruption in Life Insurance - who have we missed?


Belgian insurer AG Insurance has (recently) launched 2 “digital” life insurance offerings with a very specific value proposition doing away with the usual jargon and sometimes lengthy underwriting process.

“Yongo” - a savings platform for children (and their ‘fans’ basically their parents, friends,…) and
"Vivay" - offering solutions to close what we call the protection gap but for specific events in people’s life (childcare, rental, studies, …)


Thanks for sharing Walter. Any chance you can share a bit more about the HNW product works here? :slight_smile:

When will the direct products be available?


thanks Stefaan.
From what I can see, Yongo looks to be like an endowment plan? Also, it’s an education platform for kids?

Vivay - can this be bought through online and broker? (have done a google translate of the below article)

just want to make sure I understand the products fully. Any other info in terms of product detail and distribution (and what makes them different) would be great! :slight_smile:


Hi Stephen,
Yes, Yongo is basically a savings plan. Concept is to teach/help children save and that is why there is both a long and short term component. The long term is saving for later (this is typically parents saving for their kids) and a short term component (helping the children save for a bike, a phone, …) which teaches them about the value of saving with a short term tangible reward. It is fully digital and allows the ‘family & friends’ to see how far the children are from achieving the short term saving goals. Quite different from the typical approach in Belgium where usually cash (or a gift) is given.
Vivay is a digital solution but you can use a broker as well (in Belgium they are a very important distribution channel for insurance).
What makes both different is the digital approach (usually brokers, agents or bank channels in Belgium for the distribution) and the specific scope of their offer. Hope this helps.


Thanks @Stefaan, most helpful! Cheers