Disney buys Twitter? 5,061 financial market participants are discussing this rumor

So, Disney may buy Twitter, joining the likes of Alphabet and Salesforce. With Sentifi Engine, we capture insights and discussions from 5,061 people in the financial markets about this rumor. You can discover what they say here http://bit.ly/SentifiDisney.

You can also sign up for myMarkets to see what the crowd is saying about your favorite companies and assets http://bit.ly/SentifimyMarkets.

So, what do you think about Disney taking over Twitter? Would it be a good deal for both sides?

How many think Andreessen Horowitz will do a take private deal?

@BernardLunn I’m not sure. What do you think?

No inside knowledge but think Dell and Skype. This is old, but these deals take time:


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@BernardLunn Very true. IMO this is a very interesting deal because Twitter has long been a target of acquisition.

@huan.vo I am logged into Sentifi and looked at Twitter to see if any insight post Salesforce dropping out. Did not find anything useful.

@BernardLunn Hi Bernard, my apology for the super late reply. It could be that you couldn’t find anything at that particular moment because the feed is updated almost instantaneously, and so the messages regarding the post-Salesforce might have been buried by at the time’s latest tweets.