Digital #healthinsurtech funding: Is it all in the Americas?

Holland Fintech reported that League, a Canada-based digital health insurance platform, announced raised USD 25 million in Series A financing led by OMERS Ventures, Canada’s largest investment firm.

Seems like there is plenty of room for healthcare innovation in Canada, given that the government system, while guaranteeing basic services, does not provide end-to-end care. Execution as always is the make/break for a startup: (1) League shouldn’t assume people behave rationally around their health…even when they know they should, they can afford to, and they have access to preventative solutions, (2) Creating an ecosystem of both patients and providers will require hitting a point of scale to work – and require time and investment. $25MM is the tip of the iceberg.


I like the look of

Another big funding in North America
“on-demand health care concierge” $163.34M funding ? I must be losing the plot, I thought this was what insurance companies were supposed to do directly as part of the service.

All in the Americas No in this case its global:
Patent filing hints at Apple’s future in consumer-driven healthcare monitoring

All equals the most important factor for any brand (data) front of till = “Trust” Protect this and you are family.
Global insurance groups are on the endangered list

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@Jonathan Interesting. I think “supposed to” are the key words. In practice, is that the relationship you have with your Health Insurance company? That is why there is room for a company that only sits on the consumer side of the table. What do you think @amy.radin?