Data about Social Trading

I am searching for data about social trading (stocks and forex).

Specifically, I am looking for information about the size of the social trading market:

  • daily trading volume ($)
  • growth over the last few years
  • penetration in main Forex markets
  • number of users and growth over the users

I would appreciate any information you can share with me on this.

Thank you!

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I’m also searching for these kind of data, but they seem to be difficult to find actually

There’s a blog/news site dedicated to social trading:

The biggest by far is eToro followed by ayondo I believe. I can tell you from experience its not a very big market in the US. Much bigger in Europe for some reason, as eToro’s focus historically was there.

I know some of the founders of social trading/investing apps/platforms if you’d like an insider’s perspective. I think the best way to get this info is actually to reach out to the founders of the bigger social trading networks and get them to give you this information directly.

i would add covestor (owned by Interactive Brokers) and Motif.

Agreed Covester is probably a good size. I dont see Motif as a traditional social trading platform…looks like their trying out some pivots now too

I think Motif is not paying enough to motivate experts - treating it like social media. I will give you a pic of my cat for free but not investment research.