Banks trying to look less like banks & Fintechs trying to look more like banks?

Cafes from Banks and pop-up stores from robo-advisors! What’s next?
Here are two examples of this emerging trend. Any more?

Capital One announced it will open two new Capital One cafes, one in Lincoln Park’s New City development (1538 N. Halsted St.) and one in the Southport Corridor (3435 N. Southport Ave.) by early 2017. Based off the success of their previous locations in Chicago and around the country.

Money Farm
, the robo-advisor operating in the UK and Italy, has opened a pop-up store (offline physical location) in Italy and plans to expand in the UK.

Just waiting to see a “PokemonGo” style banking service…:slight_smile: Just quoting one post I wrote some times ago " …I believe that the idea of transforming a banking app in the app of choice for all users, the grounding point to engage in everything from lifestyle to hobbies, is a wicked one.

The only way a banking app would become the new Facebook would be that Facebook itself becomes a bank".

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