Banks and Lending marketplaces in partnership for corporate lending

The recent announcement of a JV (joint venture) between a Swiss bank, PostFinance, and a global online marketplace lending Fintech, Lendico, out of Berlin; means that Swiss corporate clients will be served by Lendico by the end of this year.
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What other such JVs are there focused on filling the gap of corporate lending?

There are 2 notable JVs in the US between a bank and marketplace focused on filling the gap in corporate (small business) lending.

  1. Ondeck and JP Morgan Chase (
  2. and several US banks ( text

@sean I knew about OnDeck partnership with JP Morgan but didn’t know about SmartBiz. I checked their website and realise that they have been round since 2009 and have facilitated $1bil in SME loans. What I can’t see through a quick & dirty desktop research, is banks that are US partners. It would be great to find some names.

I am also adding Scotia Bank (@Brett.McDonald in your neighbourhood ) with Kabbage. They plan to offer SmallBiz loans first in Canada and then in Mexico. In a recent Bloomberg article on this deal, I see that Kabbage has already partnerships with Spain’s Banco Santander and the Dutch ING Groep.

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@Efi Can Swiss residents buy Loans through Post Finance ie like a US resident can buy loans through Lending Club and Prosper?

Trouble at the mill:

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The PostFinance and Lendico partnership is focused on business loans. This is new. I cant imagine that Swiss residents can invest in the primary or secondary market of these loans.