Ask FG: data source for stocks relisting

When researching stocks, I have found that a good initial filter is companies that are relisting from OTCBB or OTCQB to a main exchange like NYSE or NASDAQ. You don’t get the hype and overvaluation of the IPO phase, but it is sometimes a signal that management has confidence in the future.
What I cannot find is a source that will give me upcoming relistings. If I can get a source of upcoming relistings, I can buy on the OTC and wait for price rise post relisting.
It is only a first level filter – many will still be junk.
Any ideas for that source? Ideally not in an expensive service like Bloomberg.

Hi Bernard, I think this is a great idea. Were you able to come up with anything?

@dailyfintechrocks I thought it would be easy but it is not. Tells me the idea is good ie if it is hard to get then having it gives an information advantage. But not found it yet so I need to keep searching. Any ideas?

Here are uplisters within the OTC exchange:

But I can’t find a list like that for movers between exchanges.

@dailyfintechrocks great find, thanks. This is the sort of Q&A and useful knowledge exchange that we envisaged when we launched Fintech Genome a year ago. The data is in that site, but this sort looks more like what I want ie companies graduating to a main exchange.