Are you preparing to get your feet wet in the ICO market?

Share your process:

Have you looked into investing in an investment ICO (representing equity ownership rather than a usage token)?
If yes, which companies, products or white papers did you consider?
How did your DIY due diligenece work out?
Have you invested in an ICO?

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The industry needs to have a standard to provide CONFIDENCE TRUST to the market. We can play a role here to start working on a framework that can then be provided to the ICO and ITO to make sure it becomes a viable long term business

I totally agree. It is beset by scams at moment. What would a self regulatory code look like?

A few starters:

No pre mining

Fixed supply like Bitcoin or equity

Accounts published openly.

No using of the funds for day to day operations. There needs to be limits on how the funds are spent to make sure the ICO does not get killed

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@oscar Why no use of funds for day to day operations? Is that not why we raise money? One ICO that makes sense to me is Ethereum. No VC would have funded something as risky as a new decentralised operating system. The ICO paid for developers to work on this and that is good in my book. I would prefer to see more reporting transparency i.e. as a coin holder aka investor do you see burn rates and cash balances (which is a key concern) and can that be visible daily online (why do we still adhere to a Victorian quarterly cycle from a legacy of paper?

RAISE MONEY is the very important distinction here since Securities regulators deem anytime you are raising capital for your company, you are issuing security for your company.

I believe this is the major issue with ICO,
how do you protect investors ( who are expecting a return on investment) and have no form of security. In USA and Canada ICO/ITO have come to a standstill for this very questions. We need to address this issue with the current framework and derive a framework that satisfies everyone and is not just one sided. Otherwise many people will loose billions of dollars and this whole sector will come to an end very fast.

if you are a bank issuing bonds, etc… you need to keep % in the bank to make sure its covered.

Preston Byrne is the anti-ICO lawyer. He obviously talks about the fact that raising funds based on a white paper idea, is one of the first show-stopper in ICOs.

Preston is a smart and experienced guy and he writes well.

Another eloquent critic of ICOs is Tone Vays

Worth noting that the UK FCA explicitly said that it does not regulate the buying and selling of digital currencies in a recent paper:

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If you are going to do an ICO, step up the game and be more transparent. Self Regulate yourself