Are hybrid customers & hybrid financial service providers, winning the game?

Robo investing is happening in all shapes and forms:

  • Purely online, purely automated = first generation robo-advisors
  • Purley online but partly automated; some DIY and/or more sophistacted investment process = second generation robo-advisors
  • First or second generation robo-advisor combined with human support = the Hybrid roboinvesting

Customers are the driving force. There is a push and pull going on.
Digtal natives and digital immigrants are changing their profiles. They are:

  • Passive – Trust the robo
  • Active - Trust the hybrid robo or a financial professional
  • DIY -
  • Hybrid (partly passive, partly active, partly DIY)

Where is the puck heading?

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I think the puck is heading to hybrid. Like many other industries eg law and medicine, so much of that which is currently knowledge work can be algorithmicised. However, many business models in these same industries will benefit from higher order (creative, divergent, human) thinking, for the foreseeable future. I hope so anyway - otherwise we are all out if a job!

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@Tim great point, the intersection of algos and human is the best delivery. Hard to do well as it requires great UX to abstract away the complexity so that humans know when and how to best interact with their clients/prospects.

@tim Creativity, empathy, and decision making in complex and uncertain enviroments; will distinguish us.

How far away do you think we are from a hybrid (but heavuly automated) wealth management service?

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The one who deliver value added will win. I believe that will be hybrid. In the future we will not talk about analog and digital anymore. There wont be a big difference anymore, virtual realtity etc.

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