Are APIs the future for digital investment and robo-advisory?

A couple of months ago I happened to read a nice post by @EfiThe API movement in robo-advisory space” . Now the API’s topic is getting more and more hype in discussions as APIs seems to be the easiest way to foster financial innovation, particularly after the PSD2 directive. (And people start to be bored and a bit disenchanted about blockchain). Today a nice infographic

posted on LinkedIn was completely missing out on the investment and wealth management area.
Wouldn’t it be worth to use this space to list the players?


Thanks @serena.torielli that is a very useful infographic. You are right, one can post on LinkedIn Groups, but there is very little conversation in those venues. I guess it is like being at giant show like CES versus a small niche conference where you can engage in real conversations. We aspire to be the latter. Bernard


@serena.torielli (or anybody else). What is the most useful way to have data like this in a collaborative form

  • infograohic (like this)?

  • wiki?

  • Google sheet?

Infographics are usually static, maybe a wiki is better. Also a wiki can always be turned into an infographic. :slight_smile: I believe players should answer, in the end is a big business opportunity that is coming out fast (I bet that in 5 years we will be able to count wth one handbanks with no roboadvisory features). You will have my answer anyway. serena

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More evidence that Open APIs are being used to initiate the process towards platformification. In WealthTech there are more examples covered in WealthTech Open APIs: shapes, colors and focus. Enjoy, from Symphony, Addepar, Saxo etc

Glad I stumbled onto this thread - thanks for the invite @Efi!

There is an obvious mass migration from traditional wealth management towards digital advisory solutions. It seems as though there are more and more B2C products coming to market each month (we’re even starting to see some saturation in the market). While the amount of different products proliferates and starts to differentiate (in order to survive), there is an ever increasing need for dynamic brokerage solutions to power these digital products.

As a full-carrying broker dealer, we noticed the need for a digital wealth management solution, and recently released our managed accounts API. Some of you may have seen us demo these APIs at Findevr in Santa Clara earlier this month.

I would love any feedback or questions you may have, and am always open to discuss! :slight_smile:

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@argillette sorry to be late to this thread. I think there is a huge market of small RIAs, managing local relationships. They want a platform to deliver a total stack plus an API to enable them to differentiate. Do these small RIAs have the tech chops to use an API?