ArchOver Investment Report (PDF) and Analysis Available

Hey all,

We recently completed our loan book analysis on UK P2P business lender, ArchOver. This 2014 launched platform offers two interesting lending models: Secured & Insured (85% loan book) which secures capital on a business’s ARs, which are then insured by global credit insurer, Coface.

They also offer a Secured & Assigned lending model…you can find out much more about this platform, its lending models, company health/ownership, and so on, and so on, by signing up for free (link below) and navigating to the ArchOver profile, before downloading our detailed ‘Investment Report’.

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As always, happy to take comments. We hope you enjoy the report, it took some time to create!


Hi @OrcaJord These reports are great. Here is the issue that I am seeing in the market. In a word - fragmentation. There are now so many marketplaces. That can be good - each has a niche and innovation spurs lots of startups. The problem as an investor is figuring which one to spend time on. That is why the service that I think the market wants is cross-service comparison ie comparing something like returns and default rates by investment grade. Is that something Orca can do or plans to do? Looping in @Efi in case she has perspective on this.

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Hey @BernardLunn thanks very much for your comment. I share your sentiments around fragmentation - while it represents growth in a market, by virtue of the various support services and players that come into the market, it can also cause distraction and confusion. Choice is a double-edged sword really…

Cross-service comparison is not something we’re currently looking at as we’re focusing on other areas which we believe will be of value to UK investors. Do you feel the UK is in strong need of this? What other areas of support do you foresee the UK P2P market requiring in the near future?

We have some interesting developments in the pipeline which we’ll be sharing soon…