An invitation to Women Business Angels and aspiring to be ones

My name is Nina Portier Reinhart. I am a Business Angel and Board Member of the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC).

At SICTIC, we intend to foster diversity among the Business Angel community, especially in Switzerland.

If you are a woman Business Angel (or aspiring to be one), I would like to invite you to fill our 10 question survey before October 31th.

Diversity Survey :

Feel free to forward it to women who would be interested. All answers will be treated anonymously, then aggregated and communicated back to you.

We look forward to your enthusiastic participation and suggestions.

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@S2E_Consulting @serena.torielli @amy.radin @devie This is the last day for this survey on Women Business angels. It takes a few minutes and of course you cna invite women friends (this is more for men that have many women friends).

Hi Efi, done now. Thanks for sharing.

Can you send me link to survey?

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@NinaReinhart We look forward to the aggregated results of the survey. When do you anticipate being able to report them?