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Adding a bit of tech to FinTech Genome

Hi guys,

This is an awesome forum and I am really happy to be a part of it. To make it even better, I might suggest beefing up the “tech” in FinTech Genome a bit. You are starting to collect some very valuable information here, e.g. Let’s build a List of Banking APIs. There, I see a comment, “This is a wiki”. The problem is: that isn’t a wiki :slight_smile:

So we have this forum here, but once some valuable materials becomes “sticky”, I suggest moving it someplace else. Since we are talking FinTech, I think a natural place would be where all the real FinTech people are: GitHub.

I’ll run a little experiment (and happy to hand over or share ownership with anyone), but I’ll start moving some of the sticky materials over here.

If you like or hate this idea, just let me know. I can easily delete it and happy to do so if desired.


Hi @EricForgy, yes we need more Tech in FinTech, totally agree. That Bank API thread is now a wiki. I think when I first set it up, I forgot to hit the “make it a wiki” button. I fixed it. Go to this thread:

Look for an icon, says this is a wiki when you hover over it. Ping me on bernard at dailyfintech dot com if you need help.

I love the idea of doing something with GitHub but also with Programmable Web, Stack Overflow, Google Hangouts i.e. different venues where parts of the conversation happen. We want to get both Fin and Tech talking. So some other venues maybe more pure Fin. Lets chat off-line about this but I love the direction of travel.


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