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@Efi I think that your #1 & #4 points could be merged.

Why? Because Crypto will slowly touch most other financial services categories as crypto applications for those other categories begin to be developed by start ups.

Irregardless of which financial application or use case that Crypto is being applied to, it has commonalities across all applications (payments, real estate, capital markets, smart contracts, provenance, etc).

I think it would be valuable to have a single place to discuss the similarities of Crypto applications, regardless of the specifics of a single application or market.

On #2, Crypto is different than specific financial services (Insurance, Mortgages, Etc) because it is an enabling tool, the good ol’ ledger.

However this time the ledger has some enhanced features (a distributed ledger).

Some use cases will require these feature enhancements, and those use cases may be new markets, or under served portions of existing markets.

Some use cases do not need these enhancements and Crypto should not be applied.

This is worthy of discussion imho.

On #3

  • Which Protocol? Blockchain, Ripple, Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc

  • What are the new features that Crypto Ledgers have which old centrally controlled ledgers have not, & how can these features be deployed?

  • Crypto as a networking technology, and how network thinking can be applied to financial services using Crypto. This is more of a complex adaptive systems thinking approach, which is an approach enabled by Crypto. New approaches to business model creation can be disruptive.

  • Industry adoption, obviously Payments was pegged as the low hanging fruit and Ripple is rolling out as I type. So, what will be next? Insurance, Banking Wallets/Accts, Asset registration, all of the above?

  • What about Crypto in combination with AI?

  • What about real time audit-ability & regulatory compliance?

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