A fixed income alternative: P2P lending and wealth management in the UK

Is peer-to-peer lending in the UK moving into a mainstream asset class? Finally looks like the big wealth managers are getting in on the act: https://www.orcamoney.com/blog/octopus-choice-p2p-platform-launched

We’ll be doing an in-depth Review of Octopus Choice next week, including interview snippets from the head of the new platform. Let me know if there’s anything you want to find out!


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A glance at the Listed investment vehicles that are available in the UK to invest in the P2P space:

Excerpt from Orchard platform weekly Online Lending Snapshot

I know many of them are not only fixed income, they include equity holdings in the online lending businesses. Which ones are pure, if any?
FCIF (including SME loans - not consumer - all unsecured) is pure. Right?

There are more unlisted alternatives. The Octopus Choice, is one of them. Others?

How are these taking advantage of the the preferential tax treatment in the UK for P2P loans?

This is interesting. I know you are focused on the UK but in the U.S. Income& is focused on providing a Fixed Income product that is P2P focused with an innovative approach. Basically they partner with existing loan providers to make the business more scalable.

Check it out here and read my blog post with the founder here.

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Thanks @SimpleInnovativ.
I’ve also included them in the startups offering fixed income alternatives:

“Income& (Income And) that is offering investors access to PRIMO investing. In plain words, an alternative fixed income investment into to Prime rated individual mortgages. This is P2P investing focused on prime mortgages. The company launched early 2016, so very early stage.”