4 things we learned from Swiss vs. Finnish Millennial Investors and what they think about Banks

We recently conducted in-depth interviews with Millennials in Europe (focus Finland, Switzerland) about their investing behavior and their experience with banks. And how Swiss and Finnish millennials differ.

We found out that:

  • There is a fundamental mistrust in banks, bank advisors and bank products.
  • Wish for self-expression such as personalized investments and tailored services.
  • Great digital experience is one of the key purchasing factors.

Here is the full research, in case you want to have more infos: https://www.selma.io/millennials-and-investing-2016

I would be interested, to hear your opinion and comments.


Hi @Kevin_Selma.io welcome to Fintech Genome. In America, Millennials are also very focussed on price as they suffer from a lot of student debt and a weak job market.

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