2 Tug-A-Wars and 3 trends in Digital wealth

Originally published at: https://dailyfintech.com/2019/09/17/2-tug-a-wars-and-3-trends-in-digital-wealth/

Abaka conversational AI for financial advice I took the rolling escalators to the Gallery at King`s Place where the annual Robo investing 2day conference takes place, thinking about The cash piles that wealthy people are stacking away in the UK market – FFI = Funds Flow Index by Calastone The frustration of the asset management…

Robo funds have not been tested in a liquidity crisis. They were a minor part of business in 2008. If/when we have another iiquidity crisis, the robo funds and ETFs may exacerbate the crisis as they make trading so easy. We may have seen a preview of the next iiquidity crisis in the repo market this week.