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hi @huan.vo it would be useful if you linked directly to that search. I was intrigued what embargo meant in the trading context - could be an interesting story/opportunity - but I got nothing when I typed embargo into the search bar. I think you need to guide people some more.

@BernardLunn Very legit comment. Thank you! But the thing is, you have to log into myMarkets to see that search. Plus, it’s an issue, thus you cannot search for it with our search bar which is intended for searches related to companies, indices, commodities, currencies and persons.

I get it @huan.vo but I do think you need to find a way to make it easier for people. A registration wall is too big a friction just to get a snippet of data. Your call, just some unsolicited advice from a user.

@BernardLunn That is definitely something to think about. So you don’t think the content you get from myMarkets is worth the hassle of the registration wall?

The point is @huan.vo I have no way of knowing until I get past the Reg Wall. This may work for huge brands like WSJ and FT - not sure - but even they offer snippets and back doors. Friction kills conversion, even something as simple as a Reg Wall. Let people in ungated and then entice them to register and then entice them to pay. Its a proven model.

@huan.vo off topic, but if you are doing any sentiment analysis of ICOs that would be interesting. If so I suggest opening a new Topic. @Efi do you know of any sentiment trackers doing this?