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This is the place to discuss all matters related to Blockchain Bitcoin & Crypto. Post something here and it might get picked up by our Daily Fintech Authors. It will certainly get seen by the smart community of CXO leaders, startup entrepreneurs and investors who come here. Fintech Genome is not just for those who live and breathe Blockchain Bitcoin & Crypto every day. It is for those smart senior influential people who will use this technology to change the world. We are neither preaching to the saved, no dumbing it down for a mass audience. What we do will evolve as the community tells us what they want from this venue.


InsurtTech is in the Cambrian Explosion phase. Insurance is a massive business that has not changed much for centuries, so it is ripe for digitisation and the recent investor interest in this space indicates belief in the thesis that Insurtech in 2016 is like Fintech generally around 2010. Help the InsurTech community figure out what is happening during these exciting times.


P2P lending
Marketplace Lending


By popular demand, we created RegTech as a Category. For an index to Daily Fintech posts about RegTech please go here.. RegTech cuts across market sectors and applied equally to WealthTech and InsurTech and NeoBanks and uses all the Tech we cover such as AI and Blockchain.

Consumer Banking

How tech is changing Consumer banking and finance e.g. Neobanks, C2C Payments, Marketplace Lending, Mobile Wallets, New Deposit accounts.

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Where we tell you about what we are doing to make the global Fintech community more productive as they all work on the big job of democratising finance.

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This is a Category to discuss Fintech books; showcase Fintech courses and degrees; and Fintech Professional Training programs.