Can payments be better for individuals?


I have multiple ways that I can pay, including cash, check, bank draft (ACH, wire), debit card, credit card, online payment services (paypal, venmo, etc) to name some of the main ones.
What I want is to funnel all those methods through a single payment portal (maybe excluding cash for now). I want something that can figure out which available form of payment is the best one to use for a given transaction, tap into those funds, and make the payment to the counerparty. This should allow me to maximize things like credit card rewards and cash back, minimize transaction fees, and have all the data about my transactions in a single place.
Since most of my transaction fees come in the form of merchant fees on credit card purchases, this payment portal would have to be cheaper than credit card processing in order to get traction. Any chance we will see a product like this?


Hi Jaibaru,

At Eclipse Experience we developed a digital payments platform concept with Faster Payments that sounds a lot like what you are looking for. We designed it in a user-centric way with flexibility for bill payments in mind. Have a closer look here and let me know what you think: